Success Stories: Karen Woolfall, Following Her Dreams

Australian Singer/Songwriter, Karen Woolfall, has overcome fear and tragedy while pursuing success. I knew I was talking with a true winner when her emphasis on what she wanted to share was about encouraging others and telling them how important it is to follow your dreams. She had a dream “Ever… more

Find the Missing Insight Game

Half a breath after I hit publish on 8 Insights into Nick’s Success, I remembered another insight I’d meant to include. It’s okay I kept telling myself, 8 Insights has a nicer ring to it than 9 Insights. But, it’s an extremely important part of success that we all need… more

8 Insights into Nick’s Success

If you landed here without reading Success Stories: Nick Bramhall vs. the Munros, these insights will seem to be missing a little something. 1. Nick was inspired by his Grandfather and others. Want to be successful? Let others inspire you with their successes. 2. Nick chose a challenging and demanding… more

Success Stories: Nick Bramhall vs. the Munros

I felt like the best way to start the new year was with the kind of story that inspires me. Nick Bramhall set out to accomplish something and in his quiet way, just went and did it. He decided to climb 100 Munros. There are some significant success tactics here… more

The Reason Behind Conversations with Teresa

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with a woman who was so distraught over her job search she said, “It’s impossible to find a job!” The power of her emotion created a very real backlash of energy that left me determined to do find something I could… more

Technical Difficulties

Nothing is working right! But as far as I know the subscribe box works. Sign up, and I’ll let you know when it’s all fixed! Like Unlike more

Sabbatical Power

After three and a half months of sabbatical, I’m back to blogging. You know that feeling when you just have too much to do, and you need to add yet another project…or two. There’s only so much you can do. This time instead of stressing and spreading myself too thin,… more

Justin Glover – From 3 Jobs to Full-Time Internet Income

Justin Glover has done what many people are still dreaming and planning for – a full-time income in their internet business. I’ve been impressed with Justin’s genuine personality and willingness to share his knowledge every time I’ve talked with him. In this interview, he shares his background that will motivate… more

Success Stories: Danielle Zack

Entrepreneur Danielle Zack shares some powerful advice in this short interview! Her upcoming product Business Mindset Formula is “all about creating the mindset for success in business.” Listen in for great ways to move yourself forward in the energy of success! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Here are… more

Do You Work For Free?

I attended a seminar this weekend where two people upon finding out about my profession asked me to scan their energy. The first person’s scan revealed the common combination of beautiful energy mixed with some congested areas. We chatted about what he was doing right to help his energy flow… more

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