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8 Insights into Nick’s Success

If you landed here without reading Success Stories: Nick Bramhall vs. the Munros, these insights will seem to be missing a little something.

1. Nick was inspired by his Grandfather and others. Want to be successful? Let others inspire you with their successes.

2. Nick chose a challenging and demanding goal. Climbing since 2007, he decided to knock out almost half (48) of the 100 munros in 2010. Wimpy goals lead to wimpy results. Real men climb mountains! Either literally or figuratively.

3. A delay in reaching the goal did not stop him. Sadly, it stops some people cold.

4. Nick is humble. Read his second paragraph again. I’ve only done a hundred so far…I was a little late with the 48 for this year… Are you KIDDING me?! But humility is something I noticed frequently in successful people. Not much talk, plenty of action.

5. This was only a sub-goal! He’s going to do all 283! If you haven’t figured out the importance biting off sections of your big goals to work on, take a lesson from Nick.

6. A deadline date. Do you see how by setting a date Nick did the jump to light speed and got it done?

7. Nick is passionate about the subject. You need either passion for the thing you are doing or passion for the end result to be successful. The combination of both is better.

8. “I have enjoyed every minute of it, even the tough times…” I believe Nick just gave us one of the most important secrets to success. He said it so quietly and humbly, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Thank you again, Nick. I am inspired and ready to rock for 2011!

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18 Responses to 8 Insights into Nick’s Success

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  2. Hey Teresa,

    I love how are able to break down the components of Nicks Success. It really brings to life how we are all capable of achieving so much in small chunks.

    Its great to see someone inspired by someone who he loved, to see great goals and deadlines and the desire to never give up.

    Wonderful post,
    Thank you for sharing,
    Beth :)


    Teresa Reply:

    Thanks, Beth. All those catch phrases we hear, “step by step, inch by inch” and “you eat an elephant one bite at a time” are helpful but nothing inspires me like someone actually achieving their goals.


  3. This is what people need more than anything … The Formula to success. I loved the part about setting goals with due dates Thank you so much for sharing this great content. I will definitely be back!



  4. I really enjoyed this. There are so many lessons here. It is good to look at the successes of others and learn from things they did.
    Melodie Kantner´s last blog ..What Abundance Have You Attracted In 2010


  5. Great post Teresa!

    You’re absolutely right about setting big goals. Nick is awesome!

    Many Blessings,
    Karla Setchel


  6. Teresa,

    Great success story about Nick. It is amazing how another persons success story can fuel and ignite others and move them into a more positive direction.

    Thanks for sharing.



  7. Thank you Teresa for breaking down what were the factors in his success. I love how you used real life experiences versus some theory.

    Bite sized chunks is truly the secret. It’s one that I forget too often. I’m recommitting to one bite at a time. “Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Yard by yard, it’s hard.”

    I am grateful. It’s a much needed reminder.

    Eiji Morishita´s last blog ..Speaking Skills- Way to Wealth Top 5 Benefits


  8. Beth,

    Thanks for breaking this down into summary bits and pieces. Success carry many things and you’ve outlined here in 8 simple (correct that) actions, beliefs, will and steps. I hope you find that same success in your life!

    Mike Sweeney – TSA
    Mike Sweeney Work From Home Solutions´s last blog ..Podcasting Ideas For More Business Growth


  9. My favorite one is ‘dare something worthy’. I think we hold ourselves back because we’re afraid to do something big. Thanks for all the great insights.
    Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..No Mistakes


  10. Hey Teresa,

    I love that you brought up Passion as one of the 8 Insights into Nicks success.

    Passion is something that one MUST have in order to succeed!

    It’s also something that many loose sight of on their quest for success.

    Thanks for the great post Teresa.

    Kevin DeRoo´s last blog ..The Business of the 21st Century!


  11. Great post Teresa.

    I agree with Eiji.

    There is only one way to eat an elephant… one bite at a time.

    Nothing great happens without passion, belief and total commitment. It is obvious Nick has all that and more.

    Nice blog.



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  13. All to often we read an inspiring story and well, … leave it at that – just reading.

    Breaking it down like this, into exactly WHAT makes it inspiring and most importantly, how we can apply that awareness to our own journeys, makes the story not only inspiring but Impact-full.

    I loved reading of Nick’s success, but deeply appreciate this analysis of it.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates´s last blog ..Goals and Good Habits


  14. Thanks for this list. I especially like the idea of “sub goals”. I think that sometimes people make goals big which can be exciting and inspiring but if reaching them will take some time, it’s important to have a definite milestone that is satisfying on the way there.
    Paul Reimers´s last blog ..Abundance in Four Minutes


  15. No I haven’t read the previous post before this so I was a little lost. But as I starting reading I picked up on the universal message hear of having passion and really being focused and action oriented toward your goals. Great post.

    Steve Shoemaker
    Steve Shoemaker´s last blog ..How To Add A Facebook Like Page To TweetDeck


  16. Hi Teresa~ You really did a great job boiling Nick’s story down to these key lessons to success. Great mentorship/ inspiration ~ great vision ~ perseverance ~ humility ~ intelligent goal setting ~ and of course passion and action!

    Great story, great insights. Thanks so much.
    Beth Allen´s last blog ..The Trapeze Turning the Fear of Transformation into the Transformation of Fear


  17. Hi Teresa,
    It is a very nice and interesting post and I enjoy reading it.
    This post gives a good lesson to others as to how become a successful person.
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