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Balance Key to Success

Balance is a key component of success.

Just as we need a balanced diet, a balanced exercise program and a balanced lifestyle, we need balance in our choices as we move toward our goals. Each cell and system in our body makes every effort to maintain homeostasis or balance. Homeostasis is defined as “the ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.” Lack of homeostasis or imbalance leads to the condition we call disease.

In the wild, nature balances the number of predators and prey. Not enough predators and the prey eat up all the vegetation. Too many predators and soon there’s not enough prey to eat. Hunger or even starvation on either side is the result.

Mother Nature deals out some tough requirements on balance and sees to it that they are respected. Here’s where we humans trip. We forget we are a part of nature. We try to live above the law ignoring nature’s principles that would benefit us the most.

Spend some time evaluating your efforts to achieve your goals. Do you take balanced measures as you move forward? Are you so tired it takes longer to finish what you’re working on than it would if you were rested? Do you get so busy you forget to eat?

After a look at the personal side, look at your business methods. Is your marketing plan balanced or are all your efforts put into one style? What about your advisers? Do you turn to the same sources all the time or are you open to new ideas?

You’ll find plenty that you’re doing right. Take note of any little nudges that something needs adjusting. Nature gave you the tool of intuition and will send you warnings if you’re moving out of balance. If you’re not trying to live above her law, if you listen, you will be guided to a state of homeostasis in your efforts. The path to success will smooth out, and you’ll find the journey more fulfilling.

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8 Responses to Balance Key to Success

  1. Great post! Balance is the key to success! Please keep these posts coming! you’re doing a great job!
    Michael Feil´s last blog ..Tonto Scalped The Lone Ranger And Went Back To His Tribe


    Teresa Reply:

    Thanks, Michael! Encouragement is always appreciated!


  2. You nailed it…You have to have balance. Take time out for yourself and your family. You don’t want to burn the candle at both ends…
    Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: Nick Logan


    Teresa Reply:

    True. A candle burned at both ends usually burns the house down!


  3. Teresa,

    Super post… a lot of people
    forget about this principle.

    Balance is KEY when creating
    success. All the money in the
    world won’t do anything to get
    you’re health back.

    Thanks for sharing VALUE:)
    Eric Goldstein´s last blog ..Manifesting What You Want: A Process To Do It


    Teresa Reply:

    Thanks, Eric! Imbalance is something we handle better when we’re young, so it becomes a bad habit. Now if I can just find a way to share this with kids…


  4. Teresa,

    Timely message for me. I have been thinking about a few things I need to bring back into balance in my life lately…just today in fact. Thank you for this reminder to focus and re-evaluate.

    Krista Abbott´s last blog ..Social Media Management Tools: HootSuite


    Teresa Reply:

    Thanks for your comment, Krista. Don’t we all need a reminder occasionally on this one!


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