The Reason Behind Conversations with Teresa

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with a woman who was so distraught over her job search she said, “It’s impossible to find a job!” The power of her emotion created a very real backlash of energy that left me determined to do find something I could do to change this too prevalent negativity about personal prosperity in our world.

“Conversations with Teresa” is designed as a starting place for my part of that change.

It’s a small start for a small group. But remember, the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with that first step.

The concept for these “Conversations with Teresa” gelled in my mind as I thought about how successfully my workshop students were able to change the collective energy of the group with just a few minutes of instruction. Because energy exchange is not confined to only the people in the room with you, it made sense to use the same concept for a “tele-workshop.” Why not create the same situation where people at any distance can join together for the benefits of powerful energy changes!

Sounded like a good idea to me. And from chats I’ve had with a few clients and workshop attendees I’ve mentioned it to, they think it sounds like a good idea as well.

This first “Conversations with Teresa” is coming soon on December 17th and will include:

  • Two simple ways to shift your energy right now so that you can start feeling the difference in your life.
  • The first step to changing your thought patterns to relieve yourself of negative thinking.
  • A brief reality check on negative emotions and why they exist. Once you begin to understand, you can experience more positive emotions and enjoy life more.
  • Q&A time so you can clear up any questions you have.
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Technical Difficulties

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Sabbatical Power

After three and a half months of sabbatical, I’m back to blogging. You know that feeling when you just have too much to do, and you need to add yet another project…or two. There’s only so much you can do. This time instead of stressing and spreading myself too thin, I took a sabbatical, not only from this blog, but from a great many other things as well.

The result?

My “baby” is off to college, I’ve joined my husband on the other side of the country, I actually took the time to spend 8 straight hours playing a video game two weeks ago, I visited friends I hadn’t seen in years, and I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to be back.

What did I learn?

1. It’s tough to let the “baby” go.

2. I missed my husband more than I thought I did. Those teary I love yous on the phone would have been hysterical crying tantrums if I hadn’t had the mute button on my emotions.

3. I REALLY missed my blogging friends (though not as much as my husband).

4. Sabbaticals are GOOD FOR YOU! I didn’t rest and relax until it was almost over so it definitely wasn’t a vacation. But I did completely leave blogging alone – along with surfing the web and learning new skills related to the internet. I ignored Twitter, only read what my children posted on Facebook and barely checked email.

If you can’t take a full sabbatical, try a mini one here and there. Or try this. I’m actually thinking of applying the concept of ignoring things to my regular schedule.

What if I ignore each of my blogs in turn? Will I come back refreshed and having missed them after 3 days.

Maybe I’ll only check email every other day…hmmm, I like that one!

Share some more ideas if you have them or use them regularly. Refresh and recharge is my new motto, so be prepared to hear more about it!

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Do You Work For Free?

I attended a seminar this weekend where two people upon finding out about my profession asked me to scan their energy. The first person’s scan revealed the common combination of beautiful energy mixed with some congested areas. We chatted about what he was doing right to help his energy flow well and what he could add to his routine. When the second gentleman joined the conversation and asked for a scan, I obliged and immediately began clearing some of the heavier congestion in his heart chakra. When I finished and told him what I had done, he thanked me graciously and the conversation continued. It seemed from the look on the first man’s face that he was wondering why I cleared the second guy and not him. The answer? The first man was not at any risk. He practices yoga, is young and strong, and is of a mindset that will lead him towards constant improvement in his life. And I wasn’t going to say right in front of the second gentleman – this guy is at risk. Not, hey! Let’s head to the emergency room risk. But that part of me that makes me good at this work knew that he needed my help and this was the right time to take care of it. So I did. Intuition is that simple when you get used to following it.

Today, logic is taking the upper hand and I’m reasoning through those events and other related things that come up regularly. The primary issue that comes up amazingly often is that some people think that I should do all healing work for free. A client recently described to me how one of her co-workers was outraged that she was paying me $10 for a healing session saying I should do it out of the goodness of my heart. Did you do a double take just then? Ten bucks isn’t very much to a lot of people yet this woman was ranting about the hugely discounted rate I had given my client.

I met a nurse at the same seminar that cares for patients dying of cancer in their home. Does anyone expect her to work for free? I can guarantee you that she has a loving and gentle heart – a must for a great nurse. Should she work for free because she cares enough about people to help them? Would she have time to help people in the same way if she had to earn her income in another way?

These thoughts lead me to think of my own choices. Healing has never been my only source of income. And although I could do much good in the world if I weren’t working on other projects, most people simply cannot afford to pay me what I’m worth as a healer.

In many of my workshops I share this example from my own life. I learned to do energy healing because I needed to heal. I spent 5-10 hours a day working on myself the first year. Most of the healers I know of charge anywhere from $60 to $400 an hour. Five hours times 365 days at, let’s say, a low average of $80 an hour is over $140,000 for that first year.

Could you afford that? Can people who are truly ill and can’t even get to work to make money afford that? That’s why I teach self-healing workshops. That’s why I have multiple sources of income – so I can afford to charge some people only $10. Other people know they can afford more, so they pay more. Some people even pay my full rate!

But I still feel the dilemma in my heart. Just how much better would the world be if I could spend all my time healing? For now I compromise, I work on my other sources of income, teach people how to do as much themselves as they can, and most importantly to me – I practice. I practice and learn constantly with the thought in mind that if it took me 10 minutes instead of 20 I could heal twice as much or twice as many people.

As always your thoughts and feelings on the subject are welcome. I can assure you my clients who don’t leave comments have expressed how much they enjoy the insight of readers who do.

Decisions: What does your heart tell you?

We all reach a crossroads, usually many times, in our lives. Decisions have to be made, directions have to be chosen. We all have our favorite method whether it’s logic, intuition or heart based.

My experience with logic is that it’s great if you have all the facts, lousy when you don’t, and even worse when you think you do but you don’t. Intuition is priceless when you don’t have all the facts. It fills in the gaps where your knowledge is lacking and helps you make a better “educated guess.”

Where does the heart come in? Heart based decisions happen when you have an emotional stake in the outcome, and not always, but usually stem from fear. Fear, often called by some of its other names (worry, stress, anxiety, shyness) is so common in our lives we often don’t recognize it for what it is.

What about decisions stemming from love? Hmm…that’s a tough one. Too many times I’ve seen “love” act to cover another emotion like. Control and insecurity are the two most common reasons.

One example: You love your children and don’t want them to get hurt so you make a decision that seems based on love but it’s really based on controlling the situation and your feelings of insecurity that they won’t make the right decision themselves. I’m not saying stop parenting and leave your children to flounder through life on their own. But stop and consider with thoughts like these: At this age, how much of this decision can my children participate in? Will my child experience more personal growth from my help or am I hindering their personal growth? Sometimes we have to step in and take action to protect our children – that’s part of our job as a parent. But often we can find ways to help them grow if we let them share in the process.

Another example: You love your job and you love the people you work with – hey, it does happen! – but you’ve been offered a different opportunity. Your “heart” seems to be telling you to stay, but you’d better check to make sure it’s not your insecurity clinging to the known factors of your current job before you turn down the offer.

So should you listen to your heart in making decisions?

That’s one of those “Yes, but…” kind of answers. Yes you should, but…take the time to figure out what your heart is trying to tell you. When you listen to your heart, you’re open to discovering some of your biggest opportunities for personal growth and awareness.

Let’s look at some possible results from the examples above.

You become aware that you haven’t trained your children to make their own age-appropriate decisions and take steps to improve your parenting skills. You and your children both benefit. Or you bring your child into the decision making process and discover that they’re wiser than you thought.

For that opportunity that was offered? You might sit down to evaluate the situation your current job and discover you’ve been trading growth for comfort and have become stagnant. You can then make a decision about taking the current offer or finding ways within your current job to grow and develop your skills. Either way, your heart has helped open your eyes.

Wrapping up: Remember that even though you have a favorite decision making method, don’t neglect the others. Take advantage of logic, intuition and your heart in making your decisions and you’ll get results that take you where you want to go faster and on a path that is designed just for you.

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What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?

Remember that song, “What have you done for me lately?” by Janet Jackson. My take on that is “What have you done for yourself lately?”

It’s all about personal responsibility when it boils down to it. Don’t get me wrong. I love it that my husband spoils me rotten, calls and texts me a dozen times a day, and supports me 100% in everything I do. But always looking outside of ourselves for what we need in life leads to disappointment. It’s important to nurture our own dreams and take care of our own needs on some level.

I can guarantee you that I’d have that angry look on my face like Janet Jackson does in the video if my husband started ignoring me, but the core of my world would not collapse. Personal responsibility builds personal resiliency. And we all need personal resiliency to get us through the tough times whether in a relationship, business downturn, or just a bad mood.

So what have I done for myself lately? This weekend I pulled out one of my old manuscripts and decided to get serious about it. Bet you didn’t know that I’m a closet fiction writer! Yep! I’ve had all the well-known reasons for ignoring my hobby for years. Busy raising kids, two jobs, poor health…I could go on, but that’s not my point.

It’s a sad thing when you let a busy life bury your fun. And that IS my point. You have to take that responsibility to fit time in for what you love to do. I’m still very busy, but I shifted things a bit to include a few minutes of writing every day.

Here’s how my old thinking worked. I’m so tired…I have too much to do for the family…I’ll never finish much less publish it…why waste the time…

Here’s how my thinking has shifted as I’ve taken more responsibility for my own happiness. I feel more energetic when I write…you can make your own sandwich, honey…finishing is not the goal, enjoying the writing is the goal…taking time for my version of fun is an essential way to spend my time…

Take the time to look at some of those hobbies or dreams you’ve put aside. Adding them back into your life just might create the energy you need for other successes in your life.

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4 Ways To Stay Focused When There’s Something More Fun You Want To Do

How do you deal with distractions? When they are as cute as this one, I just go with the flow and play more than I usually do. You see, I’m grandma to this one so I don’t have to clean up after him – or feed him – or take him on walks. My son does all that. I have all the grandma privileges – spoil him rotten – buy new toys – play for awhile then give him back. New puppies are soooo much fun when someone else does all the work!

But he is quite a distraction! He’s been here only a few days, and the amount of work I’ve gotten done is probably about 25% of normal. Naturally when it came time to write a post, my inspiration focused directly on those moments of distraction when I just have to get up and go see what Rush is doing. Here are a few tips you can use for your own distractions. I will definitely be using them for the next few weeks to get back on track.

1. Give in! That sounds crazy and seems to be missing the point, but if you use this one sparingly it works wonders. Let’s say there’s a cute puppy in the other room, and you can’t get your mind off of how much fun he is. Give in to urge to play for 5 or 10 minutes then get back to work. You need a break once in awhile, don’t you?

2. Use the distraction as a reward. Set a time – I use 1.5 hours – and then spend 5 to 10 minutes with the puppy (or your own distraction!)

3. List your distractions. My piano instructor in college taught me this one. Keep a notepad handy and write down anything you think about that needs to be done or handled later – play with Rush, buy a new chew toy. The reminder list frees you up to focus on the current task without being afraid of forgetting something. (Like I’m going to forget to play with the puppy!)

4. Track your distractions. This is one I developed after using #3 for a few months. When I make a tick mark for each time my mind wanders off onto something else – maybe something like a puppy – it helps me refocus. The fact that I’m seeing all those tick marks add up helps me realize I’m wasting time and motivates me to stay on task.

I hope this helps when you’re dealing with distractions. I’d probably have more to say on the subject, but I really have to go. There’s a puppy waiting for me and…

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Searching for Success Stories

I need your help. I’m looking for success stories. You see, it’s my theory that success is contagious. If you read about, hear about, talk to, rub shoulders with, or study successful people, you’re sure to gain some extra insight or inspiration you even closer to your own version of success.

What kind of success am I looking for?

Big success is built on a series of little successes! I want to give people an opportunity to shine at any level of success.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ve probably read about “Gary” and his success. That kind of success stirs up our souls and makes us believe we can achieve anything we want. But there are plenty of other ways to succeed: I made my first $1,000 online! I found enough courage to get on stage and dance! I ran to the top of the steps just like Rocky!

Here’s my other motivation

Years ago I worked on a county newspaper as a staff writer. My favorite part of the job was the chance to do interviews for the People Pages. Interesting jobs, amazing hobbies, contests won, community service recognized…I loved it! Loved talking to the people, loved finding about their lives and what they loved, loved the energy they glowed with as they talked about what they loved. Wow! Lot of love in there. But newspaper work doesn’t pay all that well. Not enough to support a growing family, so I moved on to other things.

I still miss it! And want to recapture the fun of talking to people about what inspires them to achieve!

Again, I need your help. Please, recommend yourself, your friends, or even someone you’ve only heard about for an interview here on my blog. Everyone knows someone who is doing something interesting! Thank you so much!

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Tying Up Loose Ends

Loose ends, unfinished business, procrastinated must dos, they all drain the energy you need for success. Today’s post is a follow up to My Missing Gravatar where mentioned why I hadn’t responded to posts for way too long. It wasn’t until last night, I remembered that I’d never gone back to the comments! Too much excitement over finally accomplishing a successful photo shoot, I thought.

My Reality Radar set off an alarm one second after that idea popped into my head. Yes, it’s always exciting to overcome something that’s been giving you a problem, but no, it wasn’t the truth this time. I’ve been working on knowing the depths of my soul too long not to recognize another bout of procrastination trying to set in.

The REAL me

I hate tying up loose ends! I love new, fun, fresh adventure. Tying up loose ends – especially when I’ve delayed for any reason which then leaves me feeling lousy like I haven’t met my own or someone else’s expectations – just isn’t fun.

Solution? I decided take a look at the energy.

I’d better explain for those of you who aren’t my students. When I began studying energy work, I realized I could see the energy that was causing someone’s health problems. I could then check to see what their energy would look like if it was performing optimally and make the shifts needed to get it there. It was just as easy – once I actually thought about it – to see the energy of any situation or relationship, see how it was affecting the energy of everyone involved, and understand the action needed to create an optimal environment.

A quick look at the energy of the unanswered comments looked like bright cords anchored on their end and waving around like they were looking for something on my end. Just as quickly I switched to optimal energy view and saw those loose ends linked to me. Oh, duh! They were the same energy cords we create when we interact with anyone else. Hello! – it made perfect sense that I simply hadn’t finished making the connections. Then, of course I felt terrible about the missed opportunities to connect with the great people who have been reading and supporting my blog.

Corrective action in progress!!

I am spending every bit of time necessary this week to respond to all of the unanswered comments on this blog. I will also be looking around the house and through my relationships for any other loose ends I need to tie up.

What effect do loose ends have on your life? And what actions do you take to tie them up? Please share in a comment so we can all grow!

Confidence: Another Gift from My Dad

Last week in a workshop on intuition someone asked, “How can you speak with such confidence on these things?” His voice carried just a touch of frustration, and it was clear from his many questions that using intuition the way I teach it was a newer concept for him.

My first response was to thank him for the compliment. After all, it is a HUGE compliment to be recognized as having great confidence in yourself and what you’re talking about. But understanding that he had little prior experience with the concept as well as no knowledge of my life or business, I told the class about my first memory of using intuition.

Here’s my story

When I was in elementary school, I said something to my dad. I don’t even remember what it was, but he looked at me with unusual focus and asked, “How did you know that?” All I could do was shrug my shoulders. He pointed his finger at me and said, “That’s your women’s intuition.” I nodded my head – my usual response meaning lesson learned – and my dad turned to other things.

That simple and brief interchange was one of the most significant things of my life. As a child I remember logging intuition away as 1) a fact and 2) something I was capable of. From that day forward, I never doubted that my intuition was real or that I was competent with it – hey, Daddy said so! That makes it real to any kid. But then over time, experience proved my dad right.

The other important part of that moment with my dad was that he caught me in “act” of intuition. How I felt – what intuition feels like – was brought to my attention with such force that I never again had to wonder whether a feeling was my intuition or not. I knew. I recognized it instantly and flawlessly whenever it showed up after that.

Over the years – okay I’ll admit it – over the decades, I’ve come to wonder just how different my life would have been without that precious gift of recognition from my dad.

(I can’t go on without mentioning that men have just as much intuition as women. We just call it by more manly terms – a gut feeling, good instincts…)

Building confidence has followed pretty much the same pattern for everything in my life. Recognition of something I can do (by someone else or my through own insight) followed by practice and experience.

How does confidence look from your perspective? How do you gain confidence in general – especially with a new skill? Please share your thoughts.

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