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Find the Missing Insight Game

Half a breath after I hit publish on 8 Insights into Nick’s Success, I remembered another insight I’d meant to include. It’s okay I kept telling myself, 8 Insights has a nicer ring to it than 9 Insights. But, it’s an extremely important part of success that we all need to pay attention to in our goals and it’s just kept niggling in the back of my mind and won’t leave me alone.

I finally gave in and started another post about it when I thought, Hey! Why not make a game of it? It might be fun to see if you can find it as well. If you’re “game” for the game, go to Success Stories: Nick Bramhall vs. the Munros and see if you can find it. Then leave a comment below about what you find. You might even find a 10th and we’ll all benefit. Later, I’ll add my missing insight and we’ll compare notes.

And what’s the fun of a game if we don’t have a prize!

First person to post a comment about the same missing insight as mine wins a free energy wellness consultation with me.

First person to post a comment about a 10th insight will also win a free energy wellness consultation with me.

Good luck!

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14 Responses to Find the Missing Insight Game

  1. Hi Teresa,
    You’re having fun with this. What I found that you did not comment about was his connection with being present while walking in nature. He’s connecting with the whole instead of just watching it from afar. Living his life in the moment.

    Glad you’re back in the swing of writing.
    Val ;)
    Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Celebrate YOU!


  2. Teresa, I just laughed out-loud – really! LOL!–when I read your FB confession. If you follow the link to my-so-called-blog you will see some pretty empty real estate!!

    I relate to your need for a contest. You’ve inspired me. It surely does seem to be working for you — you’ve got comments and you’ve got posts!!

    Now when I check back, your “About” page will probably be up as well! (LOL!)


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  4. Hey Teresa, I am so happy you are back! I’ve been away also for a while (you can read my confession in my last blog) BUT
    I’m back to writing also. Let’s catch up sometime.


  5. Not game for games right now, but this is a fun approach. I did read 8 Insights into Nick’s Success and found it inspired me today.
    Gary Young – China Sourcing´s last blog ..Links for 2011-01-14 delicious


  6. Winner #1

    Val Wilcox is the first winner. Why does that not surprise me? Because Val is always “in the game” of success and always on top of things.

    She wins the category of 10th insight. That means there’s definitely one left – the one I had in mind.

    Good luck to anyone who wants to take up the gauntlet!


  7. Teresa,

    Nick like so few of us has sought to accomplish a truly challenging goal. There is power in his resolve. Passion in his pursuit. Moreover he chooses to “Engineer” his experiences into the reality he anticipates and not the one he may feel in a moment of pain or challenge. Now he is pre-planning his future successes by replaying the victories of his past.

    I see that Nicks reality may not be the same as ours… his head is in the clouds…

    Maybe each of us can look up a bit more! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Look UP and LIVE!


  8. Teresa,

    This is very creative of you, the previous post was great and this game will I’m sure be very fun for all who participate.

    Lori Robertson´s last blog ..Why Do People Quit And Give Up So Easily


  9. What jumped out at me was that Nick was inspired to dream of wonderful places and he let that work in him for a time until when the time was right he simply took action. Within a short amount of time he had equipped himself and started on his journey. Then…he has persevered and continued on it. Getting started with the initial action beyond the dream is key followed by continuing to take action.


  10. Teresa,
    Great post!

    I think the missing insight is…

    But first let me say that the journey to this reply was a fascinating one. I got to explore the beautiful countryside and I got to see someone else’s perspective on what it takes to be successful. These 8 insights have been very helpful in reminding me what I need to do everyday to climb my own Munros. Which leads me to my entry for this contest:

    I think the missing insight is…

    Get Help From Others to Achieve Your Goals!

    Roland Bonay´s last blog ..Simple Article Writing Tutorial Helps You Build Traffic And Promote Your Site


  11. Winner #2

    Bruce Backman is the second winner because of he mentioned Nick “equipped himself.”

    The extra insight I left out was Nick’s preparation! Nick talks about doing some research and buying the necessary supplies. For any goal there is the research and planning phase as well as the need to gather materials, ideas or whatever is needed for the particular goal.

    A huge thank you to everyone who participated! If you have any more ideas, please add them!


  12. Teresa,

    Out of the hunt for the contest prize… but we still got so much from the insights. We were going to pick our favorite and most inspirational insight, but they were all inspirational and we couldn’t pick a favorite. Thanks for the fun and the very cool lessons.

    ~ Pat and Lorna
    Pat and Lorna Shanks´s last blog ..Bling! Shiny and Attractive – But Where Does it Take You


  13. Hi Teresa,
    This is very good and innovative article. The idea was really great and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the information.


  14. It’s really fun.8 Insights into Nick’s Success are very freat.Thanks for your sharing
    Haley´s last blog ..Admissions for second majors – advice


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