Inspiration, Goals and Energy

The first sentence of Evin Anderson’s blog post, So What’s Your Goal , made my day. It got me thinking about all the goals I had accomplished and all the wonderful things that were brought into my life because of those goals. The Zig Ziglar video linked in Evan’s post… more

Will These Drain Energy From Your Success?

A frayed shoelace, a late oil change, an overflowing inbox – all of these used to drain energy from me. And let’s face it, Energy = Success. If you don’t have enough energy to “get it all done,” you just don’t reach that same level of success you’re working toward.… more

Perseverance: Are you rock or water?

“What is harder than rock, or softer than water? Yet soft water hollows out hard rock. Persevere.” – Ovid Ovid was born in 43 B.C. That means people have been talking about perseverance for a very long time. Which means the challenges of reaching our goals has been a problem… more

Go-Giver Dad

The buzz I’ve been hearing lately is all about being a go-giver. My thoughts naturally turn to my go-giver dad who taught me invaluable lessons about giving by the way he lived. The neighborhood we moved into when I was about 10 was brand new. Many of the neighbors were… more

Intuition and Computer Bags

Last Thursday I was getting things together to fly to Portland when my intuition nudged me to take the over-sized purse I use for my laptop. No reason as to why came with that nudge. I wasn’t taking a computer, but I dutifully put the bag with everything else. The… more

Balance Key to Success

Balance is a key component of success. Just as we need a balanced diet, a balanced exercise program and a balanced lifestyle, we need balance in our choices as we move toward our goals. Each cell and system in our body makes every effort to maintain homeostasis or balance. Homeostasis… more

Nurturing Your Sixth Senses

Ben Underwood, a blind teenager, does amazingly normal things like play video games, skating and walking down the sidewalk unaided. He’s mastered the skill of echo location using a clicker to give him feedback on his surroundings. We’ve all heard of stories like this where a person loses one sense… more

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