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Sabbatical Power

After three and a half months of sabbatical, I’m back to blogging. You know that feeling when you just have too much to do, and you need to add yet another project…or two. There’s only so much you can do. This time instead of stressing and spreading myself too thin, I took a sabbatical, not only from this blog, but from a great many other things as well.

The result?

My “baby” is off to college, I’ve joined my husband on the other side of the country, I actually took the time to spend 8 straight hours playing a video game two weeks ago, I visited friends I hadn’t seen in years, and I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to be back.

What did I learn?

1. It’s tough to let the “baby” go.

2. I missed my husband more than I thought I did. Those teary I love yous on the phone would have been hysterical crying tantrums if I hadn’t had the mute button on my emotions.

3. I REALLY missed my blogging friends (though not as much as my husband).

4. Sabbaticals are GOOD FOR YOU! I didn’t rest and relax until it was almost over so it definitely wasn’t a vacation. But I did completely leave blogging alone – along with surfing the web and learning new skills related to the internet. I ignored Twitter, only read what my children posted on Facebook and barely checked email.

If you can’t take a full sabbatical, try a mini one here and there. Or try this. I’m actually thinking of applying the concept of ignoring things to my regular schedule.

What if I ignore each of my blogs in turn? Will I come back refreshed and having missed them after 3 days.

Maybe I’ll only check email every other day…hmmm, I like that one!

Share some more ideas if you have them or use them regularly. Refresh and recharge is my new motto, so be prepared to hear more about it!

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7 Responses to Sabbatical Power

  1. Welcome back sweetie I’m so glad to hear your back in the arms of the one your heart belongs too. We missed you but its good you took time for yourself. Be sure to remember I’m still around and if you need anything to just shout :)
    Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..How To Add Multiple Contributors To A Twitter Account Using Hootsuite


  2. Teresa,
    This is great advice. I catch myself sometimes sitting at my desk wondering what to do, even though I have a schedule right beside me. We all need to take a sabbatical.

    Glad to have you back.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jaden Daniels´s last blog ..How To Get Backlinks To Your Website


  3. I love your new motto.! Refresh and recharge is a great motto for all of us. Sometimes you have to put yourself first.
    Take care,

    Angela K. Williams´s last blog ..What- Me Worry


  4. Teresa,

    We too have gone through the transition to empty nesters this year with our daughters off at college. It has been a very tough transition and I can’t imagine making it without a partner for company. Great to have you back! I am new to the tribe and forward to learning from your experience.

    Jeff Jenson


  5. Hi Teresa,

    I am so grateful to have met you and to have read this post on taking a Sabbatical. It really hit home for me. With an offline business, and online business, coaching, parenting, events, and all that goes with being a “GoGiver”, sometimes the last person I really take care of is Me :)

    Although I teach and practice the concept of Follow Your Bliss, because its not work when you are doing what you truly love, that doesn’t mean that all of the stuff we have to do in our businesses doesn’t leave us a bit drained and empty sometimes, right?

    So, I’m going to take your advice and only check my email once per day and take a Full day off once per week just for me, God, and those I love most. Hey, I feel lighter already :)


    David Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy
    David Paul´s last blog ..Follow Your Bliss using Imagination


  6. Taking a break is important for mental clarity and a soul recharge in my opinion. It is good to see someone talking about them in a positive light, instead of apologizing over and over for not blogging for a month or two. Good for you!


  7. Hey Teresa, the situation you describe here is a classic situation of overload we create with non-stop work. And it’s mainly because we have no limit to the times. And the computer always open. I mean, even when we do not work, we are actually still working. But if we do limit the time in advance, perhaps we do not reach a state of congestion, that have a year’s sabbatical to relax:) Thanks for the blog and good luck. I will continue to follow.
    joe´s last blog ..Hydroponics – What is it !


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